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Portfolio Expansion I

Posted on 14th May, 2005 at 7:58pm by joel

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I just finished adding a subsection entitled “stationery & identity” to the “webdev & graphic design” section of my portfolio.

Back when I launched this web site on April 4, I promised a few things. Two of those promises were fulfilled shortly after the launch. Today I am fulfilling a portion of another of the promises. I said that I would be expanding my portfolio and adding several more sections and pieces to it. This is the first part of the expansion and if all goes well, there will be a few additional parts to follow this weekend (perhaps even this evening). The subsection “stationery & identity” is the first to be added.

Creating: Three Stationery Packages

For all the interesting information about the design of these three packages, read my journal entry “Creating: Three Stationery Packages”. I touch on all sorts of design characteristics, treatments, and techniques that give an unique look into these new additions to my portfolio.

THE Design

THE Design is a world leader in dental office design. Their floorplans and designs are without equal for their beauty, productivity, and comfort. Their stationery had to reflect the modern, smooth, and unique appeal of the offices they design.

the businesscardTHE Design business card

Have a look at the THE Design Stationery on its portfolio page ›

Valley Dental Technologies

Valley Dental Technologies is a new outsourcing division of Valley Dental Arts, one of the finest dental laboratories in the world. While VDA’s look is very soft and smooth, VDT’s needed to be harder and more aggressive.

vdt businesscardValley Dental Technologies business card

Have a look at the Valley Dental Technologies Stationery on its portfolio page ›

Curtis Marketing Group

Curtis Marketing Group specializes in dental marketing for some of the most image-conscious professionals in the dental marketing field. After a move to a different office, a quick refresh of the stationery with a more modern, clean feel was needed.

cmg businesscardCurtis Marketing Group business card

Have a look at the Curtis Marketing Group Stationery on its portfolio page ›

check out the expansion!

There is nothing else to add, except to point you to the new section. Enjoy!

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