Curtis Marketing Group Stationery

quick thumbnails

Here are some quick thumbnails with short captions. Larger thumbnails and interesting descriptions are found below.

  • cmg businesscardbusiness card
  • cmg letterheadletterhead
  • cmg no10envelopeno. 10 envelope

All of these pieces are in proportion to each other, except the business card which is shown at 200% relative size.

more details

For an extended write-up on some of the more interesting and important features of this stationery, please read my journal entry, “Creating: Three Stationery Packages”.

cmg businesscardbusiness card

As you can see, there are no bleeds in these pieces. This saved on printing costs.

cmg letterheadletterhead

Like the old letterhead, this version has the contact details at the bottom, allowing the reader to get to the important information on the letterhead as quickly as possible.

cmg no10envelopeno. 10 envelope

This close up view of the envelope illustrates the faded globe and interesting depth given by the “cut” and shadow.

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