Explore the Artist’s Studio

Would you like to learn a bit about my artistic philosophy and how it has developed and changed over the years? Perhaps you’d just like to see how lumber, canvas, paints, and crazy ideas work together to become unique works of art. Or are you interested in the thought processes behind specific paintings in the portfolio? In any case, please read on.

The Development of an Artist

developing iconExplore the development of an approach to painting as it matured from ultra-realistic reproduction to abstract mathematical expression. See who was inspirational, what generated changes, where numbers fit in, and how it all fits together.

Follow Joel’s development

From Raw Matierials to Finished Artwork

process iconFollow along as we create melody: movements one through five from pine, canvas, and acrylic paint. We will see the mistakes made, how they were rectified, and what worked and what should be done different next time.

See the start-to-finish process

Case Study: Diving Into a Painting

study iconAgain, we explore melody: movements one through five, except this time we will investigate the visual features—shapes, color, and subject matter (and no, mistakes, hangups, and emergency fixes will not be ignored).

Learn about the thought behind a piece