melody: movements one through five

quick thumbnails

Here are some quick thumbnails with short captions. Please click for larger images.

  • full painting 1the stretchers
  • full painting 2bare canvas
  • full painting 3primed and ready to go
  • full painting 4ebony and ivory…
  • full painting 5…the staff…
  • full painting 6…the keys…
  • full painting 7…and the notes
  • closeup orangecloseup of movement five
  • closeup redcloseup of movement four
  • closeup red2closeup of movement four
  • closeup redpurplecloseup of movement three
  • closeup redpurple2closeup of movement three
  • closeup purplecloseup of movement two
  • closeup purple2closeup of movement two
  • perspectiveperspective from one to five
  • perspective2perspective from five to one


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