antiprint: thumb

antiprint-thumb iconThis two foot by two foot painting marked the start of a whole new approach to art. Even since I turned the corner with this piece, my approach to painting has never been the same. It was probably the thousands of dots that did it.

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eternal blossom

eternalblossom iconThey say that true love is like a rose that never ceases to bloom. I truly hope that is the case for Chris and Angie and that this painting I gave as a wedding gift helps remind them of the blossoming lives they have with each other. May their love remain in bloom forever.

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falling iconThere is nothing quite like an art major’s senior show. He is largely free to do whatever his imagination can conjure up, and the results can be…well, judge for yourself. Four months of work produced three very unusual canvases.

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melody: movements one through five

melody iconThere’s a reason music and painting both fall under the umbrella of “fine arts.” Both can be interesting, engaging, and astonishingly beautiful when separate. Combining the two can have most interesting results.

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sunrise iconAsk any artist what drives him or her to create and there is a good chance that he or she will cite emotion as a primary contributor to artistic expression. How, then, does a sunrise fit in?

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waves iconArt and math and art and math and… find an art major with an interest in math who happens to be taking a class that involves patterns in numbers at the same time he is taking a painting class and this is what happens.

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