Valley Dental Arts “Beauty” magazine ad

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  • vda beautyad“Beauty” ad

This advertisement measures 8 1/2″ wide by 11″ high. When placed in the magazine, it bled off the edge on all sides.

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This advertisement was the first piece in the major rebranding campaign Curtis Marketing Group undertook for Valley Dental Arts in 2004. Other pieces include the web site and AACD direct mail invitation. However, this ad came before all of them. We even put together a special photo shoot at a modeling agency in Minneapolis to get just the right photograph for all the pieces.

vda beautyad“Beauty” ad

The phrase “the science of beauty” is the moniker for this entire rebranding effort. It is designed to stress Valley’s world-class technical skill level as well as their artistic abilities. The feeling of the ad (and thus, the new “look”) echoes those same feelings. The gridlines and logo work with the warm colors and flowing “arts” to combine a hard technical feel with a soft, artistic one. The wording carefully, precisely follows her jaw line, yet does so in a smooth, sweeping manner. Finally, the bright icy blue logo seems to pop out of the piece as it sits amongst the tans and reds of the rest of the design.

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