Curtis Marketing Group

curtisgroup iconCurtis Marketing Group specializes in dental marketing for some of the most image-conscious professionals in the dental marketing field. Curtis Marketing Group needed a site that showcased the unique style for which they are known.

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THE Design

thedesign iconTHE Design is a world leader in dental office design. Their floorplans and designs are without equal for their beauty, productivity, and comfort. THE demanded a website that was as slick and classy as their offices and offered easy access to a plethora of information.

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Valley Dental Arts

valleydentalarts iconValley Dental Arts is one of the finest dental laboratories in the world. Their products are known for being a splendid blend of artistry and science. This site was part of a major marketing campaign that created a uniform look across their entire marketing portfolio.

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Curtis Group Style & Curtis Group System

curtisgroupstyle iconcurtisgroupsystem iconCurtis Marketing Group launched two new marketing programs for budget-conscious practices in April 2005. Two mini-sites were needed to give a fast, efficient overview of the products and allow prospective customers to contact CMG.

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joelschou iconYup, that guy. Like any web designer worth his or her salt, I had to create my own site from scratch. And, like any designer with a perfectionist complex, I couldn’t decide which design to run with—even after many, many months of [non-]progress.

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This website was done on a collaborative basis with John Whittet of Basseq Technologies.

metro-obgyn iconMetro OBGYN is one of the largest women’s health providers in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. They offer a wide range of services in a professional, high-class atmosphere and have some of the finest OB/GYNs in Minnesota.

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toptenquestions iconTopTenQuestions.com offers free tele-seminars on a variety of subjects and for all sorts of audiences. This site not only needed to make it fast and easy for attendees to sign up, it had to allow ultra-fast and -easy creation and management of additional seminars.

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