Dr. Frank Milnar WBM magazine ad

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  • milnar wbmadWomen’s Business Minnesota ad

This advertisement measures 7″ wide by 4 7/8″ high. When placed in the magazine, it had a good deal of white space on all sides.

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As you may be able to guess from the title of the magazine, Women’s Business Minnesota, we at Curtis Marketing Group needed to put together an ad that related the power of strong women in the workplace with the benefits of a great smile. After considerable scouring, my coworker Susan found a few excellent photos and we whittled it down to this one. There was one other photo that I liked better, but this woman had much better teeth. As odd as that may sound, consider the client we’re selling with this ad. Having bad teeth in an ad for a dentist would be akin to putting a Dell DJ in an iPod commercial.

milnar wbmadWomen’s Business Minnesota ad

I decided to go with a simple, straightforward design with no extraneous fluff. The photo fills the entire working area, the contact information is front and center and the copy isn’t hidden or flowing across a multi-colored background (which did require some erasing of background details). Unfortunately, our first version of the ad had about a third as much copy but wasn’t accepted. We were asked to expand the information until it, in my opinion, cluttered the ad beyond an acceptable and readable level. Hopefully the headline is interesting enough to entice prospective patients to read the whole thing.

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